Dashboard Upgrade Late Feb 2015 -Merge, Rename, and Plugin Result Export


  • Groups can now be renamed using their Action menu.
  • Merging Groups also seemed like a good idea, so it’s added too
  • We’ve added a link to see all the issues in a current Group
  • While viewing the issues in the slide-out modal, Previous and Next buttons scroll through results. Left and Right arrow keys function as well.
  • When viewing a set of plugin results, a CSV Export option is there for you.
  • Billing statements are visible in-app, to users with appropriate access.


  • Added mouse-hover color to plugin results
  • Clarified delineation between notes stored on Groups vs on specific Computer Records

##Bug Fixes

  • Saved searches now require a name.

Wow, that’s kindof a lot, and we’re happy to bring it to you. These features are a combination of things we want to offer, and your effective requests for help.

The CSV export feature turned out to be very interesting. We found that the data we current collect is often too much for Numbers or Excel to handle. In our search, we ran across CSV Editor Pro, and could not have been happier. Now you can do a search of all your LightSpeed expiration results, and export them for easier* management.

In our consulting roles, many an hour could have been prevented using it on LightSpeed jobs alone. We hope you’ll check it out. We’ve found Canyua support to be very friendly and effective at adding features and solving bugs in their emerging product. Oh - and did we mention the column-splitter? :heart:

But enough about them, this is all about us. Right? Moving computers from one group into (or creating) another has been an option for some time, but now you can go one step further, and just rename a group.

Need to merge one group into another? Go right ahead! We’ve even enhances the computer count in each group, showing the total computers, and if/how many are in there but hidden.

In the recent Dashboard refresh, we’ve introduced slide-out modal windows which sport anything from support request forms to issue previews. We’re very glad to be able to allow you to navigate through a list of issues with the left & right arrow keys on your keyboard.

We’ve got a lot more planned, stay tuned, and have a great weekend!

*We said easier, we know we didn’t say easy… Yet. :wink: