Dashboard update March 8th - Statement View, general Dashboard improvements


  • API Keys can now be assigned names for better management.
  • 1Password support for the billing form
  • New Billing Reference field, to add a reference to statements
  • Compact View added to all list views


  • Missing computers are now sorted by last_update on the dashboard.
  • Added the computer url to the plugin results exports.


  • No longer allows a space in your URL, which may be displayed to end-users.
  • Cleaned up redirect issues when deleting old content from the Dashboard.

We wanted to point out some of the changes in an update earlier this week. Entering your credit card number should be a little easier, and of course we hope you do :wink: Also, accessing statements has been a pain in the past, so we built them into the Dashboard directly. Anyone invited to the Dashboard as and Admin or Employee user can be granted Billing access as you desire.

With international subscribers from even more new countries, billing references for the EU, and other regulations which required a reference on our statement have prompted the addition of a Billing Reference field, which will be displayed on all statements printed from within the dashboard.

We’ve also updated our version 2.1 read-only API, and now we have a way for API keys to be labels in the UI. More field have been added, as well as a brief overview of the changes since 2.0

As always, we wish you all the best, and hope to see you at either ACN Advanced Camp a the end of March or at ACESConf in our home-state of Louisiana on May 20/21