Dashboard Refresh Update - Feb 20 - AssetID, Compact Mode and Branding

Hi all!

It’s been a busy week here at Watchman Monitoring! In the past week our team been hard at work with 114 commits changing 122 files containing numerous fixes and additional new features.

Here is a general recap:

  • Numerous fixes to ensure compatibility with our Supported Browsers
  • Streamlined end-user white label/custom branding experiences with better page titles and cleaner images
  • Expanded the .reg example file with auto-update controls for our Windows Beta
  • Expanded OmniBox search to include AssetID
  • Optimizations to the Breadcrumbs.
  • Added a Compact view, to allow you to see more data per page.
  • We’ve also clarified Alerts versus Warning in Zendesk tickets.
  • We’ve updated Model Number to the more Apple-centric nomenclature of Model Identifier.

And with our new LiveChat system, we’ve handled three times the number of support cases often resolving the issue in moments. It’s a great way to get quick answers, and also lets us know what parts of our product should get looked at next.

Thanks for all your continued feedback!