Dashboard Refresh 2015 - New Design, new features

Hi all!

Big news here, the culmination of three months’ work. We’ve incorporated a lot of your feedback, and added other features for good measure.

Early subscribers will recognize the new two-column layout, with Identity data on the left, and Plugin Results on the right. This layout gives us more room for both, and a way to deliver on more inventory data in the future. We made overview printable, as well.

Saved searches are back (remember those?) and this time they can optionally be shared with your co-workers. Yay! Speaking of searching, ever wanted to search for a plugin’s presence, despite its state? Now you can. Still want to talk about search? Ok, look at the new unified omnibox at the top of the page. Search by computer name or group… even create a new group on the fly.

Why would you want to create a new group? Because now you can generate & download a Group-Specific installer, which doesn’t ask your end-user to enter anything but their password.

[Windows Beta][1] users, take a fresh look at the status reports… we’ve got you in mind there.

There’s much more, and we’re going to focus on documentation in the coming days to let you get the most out of your subscription to Watchman Monitoring.

Register to get updates here:


[1]: https://www.watchmanmonitoring.com/windows-beta-access-request

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Great work! Like the collapsing side-bar as well. Love the advanced search features!

Side-question: Will branding come back to the Dashboard?


The new look is fantastic. Great job!

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Does this guy ever stop working for us?

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The design looks great and is really clean. I was wondering what the thought was behind having the “Recently Added Computers” at the top, full width and “Issues”, bottom left, half width? The full width window shows many rows while the half width only 3 rows (even if you have more Issues). I would have expected them to be just the opposite.

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Hi Christopher,

We have the newly created computers at the top as they are going to be the most important during installation. You can visit the dashboard and find that computer right away.

Lists of issues, and of computer which have not reported in their expected timeframe (7 days by default) are shown on the right as a way to draw attention to their records. Did the computer get reformatted? Did the software get uninstalled? Keeping it on the dashboard is designed to keep that information handy.

We recognize that this isn’t perfect for everyone, and we look forward to allowing the dashboard to be customized with tiles of your choosing. We cannot provide an ETA for this feature, but it’s in the works.


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I love it. What I really love too is how well thought out the Contact Menu stuff is. This tool is making Watchman more indispensable than ever.

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