Custom Branding Promo - March 2014

Our first promo has just been announced. MacTech Boot Camp attendees can get free custom branding by installing the agent on 20 computers during their trial.

As thank you to our current subscribers, we’re extending this to everyone starting today.

Need help growing your business? Post about what’s stopping you, and let’s grow our businesses.

So how do we go about getting this done?

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This program is open to all subscribers. We’ve updated the Custom Branding Signup form to help answer this question.

Review the branding options (there’s a .zip you can download)

Submit your Custom Branding Request (even just the new name for your agent) and you’ll be registered.

Install the agent on 20 or more new computers between now and April 12th, you’ll qualify for the promotion.

We wish you much success!

So does this apply for current subscribers that are NOT attending MacTech Boot Camp?

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That is correct, every subscriber is eligible until April 12th 2014. (I hate promos I don’t qualify for as much as anyone else.:wink: )

We will be running this for this year’s BootCamp events, but this first time, this promotion is available to ALL subscribers.

If you miss it this time, come join me at a BootCamp, where conversations like this tweet happen.