Coming changes - Columns, Ask and more branding options

Hi all

Wanted to give a heads up / quick overview of what’s coming next. As you know, we don’t talk about future improvements until they are ready, it’s soon enough that we are ready to give you a heads-up.

  • The Malware plugin will begin to actively alert on ASK. We’ve seen it in action, and your end-users will be glad when you remove it.
  • We are changing the column order in the dashboard. Column re-ordering will come in a future release, until then we’ve streamlined it. The order is below.
  • We are also re-ordering the .csv export. A new version is below
  • Here is a sample csv file my-best-client-computer-export.csv
  • API users will enjoy a non-breaking upgrade with new fields as well.

If you have any comments you can send them directly to

New list of columns to be visible at

  • Computer Name
  • Last User
  • Group
  • Asset ID
  • Serial Number
  • OS Version
  • Installed RAM
  • Model Identifier
  • Processor Info
  • FileVault*
  • Bash CVE 2014
  • Public Notes
  • Internal Notes
  • AppleCare Eligibility
  • Warranty Status
  • Estimated Purchase
  • Current Uptime
  • Date Created
  • Last Report
  • Agent Version
  • Build Number
  • Agent Removed

*We will be sending out FileVault betas once 6.1 ships. If you have previously requested a beta, it will be sent out after this release.

This new update is blowing up our ZenDesk with TimeMachine warnings-- warnings that were muted due to open tickets.

We are aware of the issue, and are working on this at the moment.

Further questions should addressed to thanks so much!