Carbon Copy Cloner reporting since Dec 29, 2016 - Fix has been published

Hello all,

We have confirmed, and are working a fix for, a bug on our Carbon Copy Cloner report.

A change we made in our 6.5.8 release, which adjusted for some end-of-year reporting issues (when the next backup job wasn’t scheduled until the next year) introduced a problem which prevented our plugin from recording new CCC job completions.

A release will be posted shortly, and will deploy via our auto-update process.

Thank you.

A new build of the Mac agent is going out today to address this issue.

Mac agent build 582 solves:

  • CCC Reporting
  • Some instances where the computer would take up to 10 minutes to report after initial install
  • Some internal reporting fixes.
  • As always, yet more malware definitions

Thank you all for using our Plugin Support feature when something doesn’t look right!

The Team at Watchman Monitoring