Build Your Business with PSP Certification

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Watchman Monitoring has received great feedback from IT Professionals taking our Proactive Support Professional Certification course.

In this course, we have boiled down real-world steps to being proactive, and real-world stories of how it has helped. With over 6 months left in 2017, there remain a number of great events to hone your IT and Professional skills. The easiest way to get certified is the evening before one of the nine MacTech Pro regional events this year — of which there are five remaining.

"It was short and dense. ...I learned something new as well reinforced existing practices.” -Pat Dengler, of Dengler Consulting

"Even picking up one good practice can make a difference in your customer support." -Michael with BFA Technologies

“Proactive Support Professional Certification cemented many ideas and the work I need to to do to be proactive with my customers.” -Kevin Ginger, of kGinger Consulting

There are two chances to take the course next week!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at MacTech Pro Denver.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at Xworld Sydney.

We can’t wait to hear your stories of Proactive Support, and how it helps your clients.

Xworld is a great 2-day conference plus workshops covering many of the aspects of the daily lives in the realm of managing Macs. This single track conference covers everything needed for today’s IT Pro and Apple Admin.

MacTech Pro events are a wonderful way for any Professional Apple Tech to fill their toolbox. Each event is just one day (or a day & a half if you attend the Proactive Support Professional certification class) so the Pro event fits well into many travel calendars. We also enjoy the evening gatherings which typically happen each Tuesday & Wednesday evening near MacTech events.

Here are the rest of the MacTech Pro events for 2017:

  • June 27, Denver, CO
  • July 25, New York, NY
  • August 8, Orlando, FL
  • August 29, Chicago, IL
  • September 26, San Francisco, CA

Watchman Monitoring looks forward to seeing you at these upcoming events and our Proactive Support Professional Certification.