Ahoy! Dashboard Improvements on Deck!

Originally published at: Ahoy! Dashboard Improvements on Deck! — Watchman Monitoring®

Release Notes aren’t just for the our client software!

This is the first in a series of updates we have planned, which highlight work we have done in our Dashboard.

We are moving a few items around to make way for larger changes, first up:

CSV Reports have moved up in rank!

Account wide settings

  • The tab for controls such as dark/light mode or the default Time Zone has been renamed from Company to Account

What’s next?

We have plans for friendlier navigation, improved search, and implementation of features for better use of the header, breadcrumb bar, etc.

Have some ideas or suggestions for new items or changes we might want to include? Shoot us a message with those thoughts to: support@watchmanmonitoring.com

Proactively Yours,
The Watchman Monitoring Team