Additional Malware support ahead of Mac Client 6.6.0

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In the face of a rash of new Malware, we are releasing a patch to track any rogue installs. Look for Mac Client 6.5.9, build 602 to address the new Malware.

Our next scheduled release will be version 6.6.0 bringing additional features to our Monitoring Client. Updating certain third party packages ahead of the 6.6.0 release will ensure the best possible reporting for our subscribers. These updates will prevent excess warnings when 6.6.0 ships, incorporating bug fixes and features specific for these third party tools.

SoftRAID Reporting will require 5.5.6 or later, and will warn otherwise.

The latest version of SoftRAID 5.5.6 enhances the logging on which Watchman Monitoring relies to provide up to date RAID status. Update SoftRAID now to avoid warnings of out of date version, and ensure accuracy in reporting.

Update Archiware P5 to 5.4.3 for full support.

The folks at Archiware have been wonderful development partners as we bring our reporting to P5. Watchman Monitoring subscribers should update to version 5.4.3. This should be a free upgrade for most and allows Watchman Monitoring to provide accurate reporting. Benefits include:
  • Report on licensing renewals
  • Ignore disabled pools

Promise Pegasus and Pegasus R2 RAID

Version 6.6.0 will include our new Promise Plugin, so be on the lookout for new reports!

This plugin will support both R2 and previous versions of Promise’s Pegasus.

Current Betas are available

Subscribers who are interested in the Archiware or Promise RAID Betas are welcome to install them today. To provide beta feedback, please visit use the Plugin Support in our Dashboard