About the Watchman Monitoring Community

##Participate via Web or Email

Our Community Forum is a mailing list with an interactive web-interface for the archives.

By default, you’ll receive an email for each post. They will all have [Watchman Community] in the subject line. Feel free to create mail rules to help you manage your inbox appropriately.

You can start a thread by email

Send an email community@watchmanmonitoring.com from your authorized email address, and a new topic will be created.

  • Good topics are: challenges or successes you’ve had with marketing your monitoring.
  • Feature requests, and the story behind them (see below, and check here for duplicates first).
  • Anything else which will benefit the community as a whole.

Not sure if it should be posted here? When in doubt, shoot an email to support@watchmanmonitoring.com first.

##Pinned Topics
The staff will pin topics which are important to everyone. Please feel free to unpin them once you’ve read them, they will remain pinned for other users until they un-pin it for themselves.

##Feature Requests

We love them!

Include WHY you want something, not just what the feature is, helps us plan and prioritize features. See a feature you like? “Me too” it with your use-case, or just star the topic. Your vote matters.

We’ll note the topic as PLANNED when we have enough information to put it into development. History has proven that features will be released the day after they are promised, hence, there will be no dates given beyond “Soon” or “Not so soon”.

Post feature requests here: Feature Requests

##Topic Editing by Staff
The staff at Watchman Monitoring will edit subject lines, move topics to the right categories, and trim excess quoting as needed. Of course we’ll keep the OP’s intent in mind but there, we’ve said it: we edit posts.

You have the ability to edit your posts as well, and we’re cool with that!