2017 Mac Admin Calendar via Watchman Monitoring

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Watchman Monitoring has a long-standing tradition of sponsoring and encouraging attendance where Mac Admins can grow. This year is no different, and we are proud to be sponsoring events worldwide. The following is a list of events aimed at helping you learn, grow, and provide even better support for your users.

Which one is right for you? Read more after the chart.

Event Name Date Location Focus
MacAd.uk February 7-8 London Mac Admins, Developers
ASMC Channel Summit March 7-9 Austin, TX Mac Admins
MacTech Pro March 15 Seattle, WA Mac Admins
MacTech Pro April 5 Boston, MA Mac Admins
MacTech Pro May 3 Atlanta, GA Mac Admins
MacTech Pro May 24 Washington, DC Mac Admins
PSP Certification at Aces Conf May 31 Phoenix, AZ Consultants
Aces Conf May 31-June 1 Phoenix, AZ Consultants
MacDevOps:YVR June 5-6 Vancouver, BC Mac Admins, Developers
MacTech Pro June 28 Denver, CO Mac Admins
PSU Mac Admin July 11-14 State College, PA Mac Admins
MacTech Pro July 26 New York, NY Mac Admins
MacTech Pro August 9 Orlando, FL Mac Admins
MacTech Pro August 30 Chicago, IL Mac Admins
MacTech Pro September 27 San Francisco, CA Mac Admins
JNUC 2017 October 24-26 Minneapolis, MN Mac Admins
MacTech Conference November 15-17 Los Angeles, CA Mac Admins, Developers
MacMeetups Varies In a town near you Mac Admins
MacSysAdmin TBA Göteborg, Sweden Mac Admins, Developers
FileWave Alliance TBA Indianapolis, IN Mac Admins
X World TBA Sydney, AUS Mac Admins
MacDeploy TBA Calgary, AB Mac Admins

MacAd.uk is first up in 2017. Any Mac Admin able to get to London is encouraged to attend.

MacTech Pro events are a wonderful way for any Professional Apple Tech to fill their toolbox. Each event is just one day (or a day & a half if you attend the Proactive Support Professional certification class) so the Pro event fits well into many travel calendars. We also enjoy the evening gatherings which typically happen each Tuesday & Wednesday evening near MacTech events.

Aces Conf is holding its third event. This time Apple Consultants from all over will converge and discuss how they are growing their businesses from time and materials or break-fix, adding Proactive Support, and many will end up kicking off their own Managed Service offering.

PSU Mac Admins is a place for IT professionals from the Education, Corporate, and Consulting arms to join in and see what’s new in the world of system deployment and mass-administration.

Events hosted by JAMF and FileWave are great venues to get news and instruction right from the horse’s mouth. If you use, or are considering adding, the Casper Suite for your Mac & iOS devices or FileWave’s cross-platform system administration toolbox as part of your IT practice, there’s no better place to dive in and even get certified.

This November, MacTech will hold its 7th annual world-class event in Los Angeles, CA. It’s a week long, deep dive into many of the issues which slow down professional Apple techs everywhere.

Adding in local events can help fill in the gaps, and we’re happy to support MacMeetups.com, run by Adam Codega of Swipely fame. If you’re looking for a local meetup, check there. Don’t see one? start one! We’re happy to support local meetups as well, reach out to support if you’d like more details.

Whichever event(s) you choose, we’re sure you’ll leave knowing more… more information, and more people. It’s a great way to jump-start your career and re-ignite the drive which behind it all: knowing and helping great people.