Watchman Monitoring Community Updates

Hi Watchman Users! I’d like to introduce myself. I am Dale Dawson, Director of Product for Syncro. Late last year, I joined Syncro to focus on our entire portfolio of products, including Watchman Monitoring.

My background includes spending many years of my early career with Xinet Inc., known for Mac desktop publishing technology, including creating all the K-talk technology used by Apple for file and print sharing to UNIX systems. Before joining Syncro, I led a team to design and build an Apple MDM solution to a successful reception by Apple Admins. I have been a promoter, user, and product developer associated with Apple for most of my 30-year career.

Given my background with Apple, I am excited about Watchman because it brings increased support to our partners and customers, and I know how critical device management is for all operating systems, including macOS. Syncro continues to support Watchman Monitoring as an independent product providing a valuable observation and management toolset. We have invested to bring the Watchman product into the Syncro family by adding dedicated and full-time development, support, and product resources, including a product owner who oversees the backlog of items requested by you. Providing Watchman Monitoring customers with the excellent product and service they need is our priority. Next week we will begin sharing more about future product updates and our plans to have quarterly agent updates that seamlessly align to macOS releases. To continue to help us along the way, Allen Hancock continues to be a valuable resource for Syncro in supporting the Watchman product.

Syncro has recently appointed a Community Manager to facilitate awareness of news, company and product updates, and general engagement to better support our community. Look to the Watchman Monitoring community website for more info. We will have a bi-monthly post covering Watchman news starting next week. If you have any questions that you would like to address directly, reach out to me anytime, and I will be happy to hear your feedback. In the meantime, all of us at Syncro are here to help and support you, the Watchman Monitoring community.