- Time Machine, FileMaker 17, More Malware

(Watchman Monitoring) #1


  • FileMaker Server 17 reporting
  • Many additional malware definitions.


  • Improved behavior restoring from backup
  • Even more demographics in UnifiedStatus.plist for 3rd party use
  • Improved reliability to enable Time Machine backup on client removal
  • Unified Plugin names for better search results
  • Improved workflow remove remove & rekey operations. (The agent no longer performs an excess run before carrying out those operations).


  • Time Machine Reporting in Mojave (10.14)

Updated Betas

New betas of our Carbon Copy Cloner and Retrospect Client for Mac are available. All subscribers who have requested access will have the beta automatically deployed to computers in their account(s). You can request to join either beta here.

Keep an eye on our Community Forum for news of incremental changes, and we will keep emailing major release notes.

Known Issues

Reporting of rogue Safari Extensions (Malware)

Apple has included ~/Library/Safari as data covered by Privacy Preferences Policy Control. Currently, our agent is denied from inspecting Safari extensions, and as such we will not see malware which is installed as a Safari Extension. We’re investigating options, but currently do not have an eta on if/when a fix can be implemented.

(Watchman Monitoring) #3

An interim build is ready, and will be pushed out in the near future. It focuses on finding more malware, and has a few quick fixes.

We look forward to more interim releases such as these. All changes in interim releases will be included in the next full release’s notes.

Many additional malware definitions.

CrashPlan restart warnings changed to trigger alert with 2 or more restarts.

Clearer messages in the PreferencePane if it is the active pane in System Preferences during agent removal.
Support for 10 digit TeamViewer IDs on TV 10 and lower (versions 11 and above already supported the new 10 digit IDs)