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Get ready for the Contact Menu [Announcements] (5)
Announcements [Announcements] (1)
Windows Agent - - Improved reporting of BitLocker and Backup states [Windows Releases] (1) - Time Machine, FileMaker 17, More Malware [Mac OS Releases] (3)
Linux Client - Improved Logging, Python2 Installer Detection [Linux Releases] (1)
Windows Client - Improved DiskIO, Memory Reporting and Bug Fixes [Windows Releases] (1)
Dashboard Updates - Fully Responsive Views [Dashboard Updates] (1)
Mac Client 6.6.5 - Mojave Support, Bluesky 2, JAMF Pro updates [Mac OS Releases] (1)
Mac Client 6.6.4 - Version scheme change, Updated Malware definitions [Mac OS Releases] (1)
Mac Client 6.6.3 - More Malware definitions, internal streamlining [Mac OS Releases] (3)
Mac Client 6.6.2 - FileVault, False Mount and Malware detection [Mac OS Releases] (4)
Windows Client - Windows Defender plugin updated [Windows Releases] (1)
Windows Client - More Backup and Threat Detection Plugins [Windows Releases] (1)
Windows Client - Bitlocker, Macrium Reflect, and more [Windows Releases] (1)
Mac Client 6.6.0 - Pegasus, Archiware P5, ScreenConnect and more [Mac OS Releases] (1)
Beacon Reporting [Announcements] (1)
Using Watchman Monitoring within your own organization [Announcements] (1)
Build Your Business with PSP Certification [Announcements] (1)
Watchman Monitoring sponsors ACES Conference 2017 [Announcements] (5)
Additional Malware support ahead of Mac Client 6.6.0 [Announcements] (1)
Mac Client 6.5.9 - Improved Performance, Xsan Volumes, Malware [Announcements] (2)
Watchman Monitoring will be unavailable briefly for a database upgrade in two hours [Announcements] (1)
2017 Mac Admin Calendar via Watchman Monitoring [Announcements] (1)
Mac Client 6.5.8 - Improved Proxy Support and More Malware [Mac OS Releases] (1)
2016 In Review with Watchman Monitoring [Announcements] (1)
Watchman Monitoring will be down for maintenance and upgrades starting 04:30 UTC [Announcements] (2)
Mac Client 6.5.7 - Improved SMART and Malware reporting [Mac OS Releases] (1)
Mac Client 6.5.6 - Sierra Log Scanning, Malware, Zentral Support [Mac OS Releases] (2)
Dashboard Update - PDF Reports [Dashboard Updates] (1)
Windows Client 64 - CrashPlan, Contact Menu, bug fixes [Windows Releases] (1)